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Perla Farias Photography


I first picked up a camera when I was a little kid. My parents gifted me a Lego camera studio set — you could not pull me away from that thing. From then on, I spent my days making stop motions with my Legos, editing the footage, and falling in love with filmmaking. I fell out of it for awhile because I felt pressured to find a “real career”, but my love for filmmaking remained. It wasn’t until I met the love of my life and now wife Thania, that she encouraged me to pursue it again, and we literally marriage our love for geek culture and travel to create Subculture Recall.

I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife and dog Eevee. I am a Youtuber and wedding videographer. When I’m not outdoors hiking or riding my bike, you can find me playing tabletop games or reading comic books.

Currently binge watching: Game of Thrones (yes, I’m late in the game).



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Perla Farias Photography


I owe my passion for storytelling and travel when I decided to not have a quinceanera in order to travel instead. I longed to visit other countries over one night of a wearing a poofy dress and sparing myself from falling on the dancefloor.

I begged my parents and showed them that traveling to London and Paris was cheaper than a quince and they were sold! My parents gifted me a small point-and-shoot camera before my trip overseas, and upon arriving in France I clicked away, capturing the people, food, and culture. I was hooked.

I posted a few blogs with photos of my trip, and there I knew I wanted to document my life, culture, and travels.

I currently live with my husband (see above) and dogs Loki and Eevee (see below). I’ve moved around a lot growing up before coming to Phoenix. I am a proud Mexican-American and San Franciscan. I believe in female empowerment, aliens and I love re-reading Harry Potter. I am a photographer, YouTuber, and designer. I wear many hats in my life (including the sorting hat), but when I’m not glued to my camera or computer, I love to unwind with a glass of wine and the “occasional” Netflix binge.

Currently binge watching: Jessica Jones and Game of Thrones

Loki and Eevee

Hi, we live rent-free, enjoy cuddling, and we love and lots and lots of treats