Scary movies you can actually stream right now (October 2018)

We’re challenging myself to watch these even though I’m a chicken.


Disclaimer: My taste in movies is all over the place so watch at your own risk.

Halloween is here! It starts on October first and you can fight me on that!

I know, you have probably googled “best horror movies for Halloween” and you got amazing recommendations! You’re excited and can’t wait to watch them! But then you go to Netflix and…nothing.

“OK, let’s move on,” you say to yourself, “I also have Hulu!” You search again…nothing!

“Let’s not panic. I also have Amazon Prime Video. I can find the movie there…”

But then you realize, are you willing to RENT a movie?! since when did movies stop being “free!?” This is incredibly annoying, and you’re about to lose it, but you remember your amazing coworker — who probably makes more money than you do — gave you their HBO password…EXCEPT not even HBO is carrying half of the movies!

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