How to make geeky Valentine’s Day cards – Free template & tutorial

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand giving out the same ol’ mushy gushy Valentine’s Day cards. So, this year I made cards that represent fandoms my friends love like Pokemon, Black Panther, Wonder Woman and Doctor Who. These cards were simple, easy and under $5 to make. Feel free to download any one of these four templates and follow this tutorial!

Geeky Valentine's Day-1.jpg

What I love the most about blank cards is that you can write anything on them — even if they are cheesy one-liners.

Geeky Valentine's Day-2.jpg

Geeky Valentine's Day-7.jpg

Geeky Valentine's Day-3.jpg

Supplies You’ll Need:


  1. Pick out the template you like or make your own design.
  2. Print and cut out the template.
  3. Then use the cutout template to trace your designs on your felt.
  4. Once you’ve cut out all your felt pieces, start gluing on your felt on the front side of your card.
  5. Repeat until you’re done with gluing on your design.
  6. Write your message and/or doodle inside.
  7. Hand it off to your loved one!

Thank you to Kunin Felt for providing the felt for this tutorial! Go check them out. They have every color of felt imaginable!

Geeky Valentine's Day-8.jpg

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