How to make a Millennial Lotería card costume + game review

I once was called a unicorn-haired millennial b*tch on Twitter. Well, here I am living my truth.

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We got our hands on the extremely popular “Milleninal Lotería“, a board game created by Mike Alfaro. We were muy excited to finally play this game, because you better believe that it sold out during the holidays! Thanks to our friend Kathy aka Crafty Chica who gave us an extra that she had, and we got to play the game. We got inspired by this spin on the classic Mexican board game, and I dressed up as two of my favorite characters from the traditional and new lotería games  ̶̶̶  La Dama (The Lady) and La Feminist. I made this costume in one day and it cost about $35.

If you don’t know what lotería is then GTFO  ̶̶̶  just kidding  ̶̶̶  stay. Lotería is basically Mexican bingo with iconic characters like La Sirena (the mermaid) and El Borracho (my uncle, sorry I mean The Drunk). In Millennial Lotería, you’ll see these characters transformed into “La Selfie” or “El VR”.

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However in true, “lazy” millennial fashion, I put together this two-in-one La Dama and Feminist costume in one day. OK, I won’t blame my laziness on my generation   ̶̶̶  I’m just a natural procrastinator.

Milleninnal Loteria Subculture Recall blog-2.jpg

Milleninnal Loteria Subculture Recall blog-4.jpg

When your board game has a “La Dick Pic” card, you have officially changed the game.  Try explaining that one to your Abuelita.

La Dama

Milleninnal Loteria Subculture Recall blog-20.jpg

If you decide to do either or character, La Dama has the most accessories out of the two costumes. She’s one high maintenance broad. She will need a pink beret, white gloves,  and a clutch. Throw on some cute heels, and you’re a lady whoa, whoa, whoa.

La Feminist

Milleninnal Loteria Subculture Recall blog-21.jpg

She’s a little more low key, but if your feminism isn’t intersectional she’ll rip you a new one on Twitter. For this outfit, you basically take off all of La Dama’s accessories and grab your protest sign and head to the Women’s March. This costume was more in line with my style. I’m not that into the accessories, but I did add on hoop earrings as an homage to Alejandria Ocasio-Cortez.



  • Flowers
  • Clutch
  • Shoes (unless you like being barefoot)


  • White poster board (Dollar store) – $1
  • Paint stick or dowel – $1
  • Pink paint (paint supply store) – $1
  • Duct tape

My last-minute DIY skirt

Milleninnal Loteria Subculture Recall blog-11

Originally, I was going to wear black ripped pants with this costume and call it day, but looking in the mirror, it didn’t look right. With a little nudge from my husband Jose, I got my a** to Joann’s on a Sunday which I gritted my teeth about because I know they charge more than my favorite fabric store SAS (unfortunately they are closed on Sundays). I got the $5 per yard fabric (thank God for coupons), and found a tutorial on how to make a knit skirt in 20 minutes. My skirt took 2 hours but I digress.

Milleninnal Loteria Subculture Recall blog-12

As you can see, I’m a beginner sewer and the hem looks todo chafa (low quality). It was my first time sewing a knit fabric and with a zig-zag stitch. Also, I only had 2 hours to get it done, so the pressure was on. Ni modo, it did the job and the skirt held up! This is why I bought extra fabric in case I messed up. I will keep practicing even if my sewing machine kills me ❤

Game Review

Milleninnal Loteria Subculture Recall blog-9.jpg

I give the game 5 estrellas out of 5. I absolutely loved the modern spins on the cards. Also, the board game’s aesthetics are amazing. Everything from the pastel backgrounds and “bitcoin” pouch were perfectly designed. On top of that, the game is easy to play if you’ve never played it before. It’s the type of game you’ll be able to follow even after a few drinks.

Milleninnal Loteria Subculture Recall blog-3.jpg

One word of caution, this game isn’t really suitable for kids unless you want them asking what “La Dick Pic” is.


Milleninnal Loteria Subculture Recall blog crafty chica-1.jpg

Thank you to Kathy from Crafty Chica for gifting us this game and for the cute planter (check out her blog on how to make one) Also, she’s doing a Millennial Loteria game and planter giveaway! She gave me a great crafter tip and told me she buys two of the same board game. She plays with one and crafts with the other!

Also, gracias to our friend Vanessa for coming over for game night!

Milleninnal Loteria Subculture Recall blog-7.jpg

The super cute planter Kathy made for me.


I’m excited to show future generations that millennials were defined by avocado toasts, ombres and la dick pics with this game. Milleninnal Lotería is now available on Amazon.

If you make your own lotería costume, make sure to tag us @subculturerecall on Instagram!

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