Making a DIY Pencil Pouch, Dice Bag for Doctor Who Day

I’m proud to say my first sewing project on my new machine included a Doctor and a blue time-traveling phone booth, without any trouble from any Daleks. Here’s how you can craft and celebrate your favorite Doctor on Tardis Day.

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Making DIY Zipper Pouch Tardis Day Doctor Who-18.jpg

One of the many reasons why I got a sewing machine was because I wanted to gift people things I made.

Making DIY Zipper Pouch Tardis Day Doctor Who-6.jpg

So, when Faby, my friend and fellow Whovian, pointed out this Doctor Who fabric at the store, I knew I was going to make her a DIY zipper pencil pouch and dice bag.

Making DIY Zipper Pouch Tardis Day Doctor Who-2.jpg

As always, I had no clue what I was doing so I called on the YouTube goddesses to help me out. I followed the tutorials of MADE Everday and TheOneTAR to guide me in my cluelessness. They made it simple to follow along, and all you need is your favorite fabric, zipper and ribbon!

 Here’s the finished result! The stitches are a bit wonky but I survived my first craft project on my new machine.

Making DIY Zipper Pouch Tardis Day Doctor Who-7

I mailed it out all the way to New York for Faby, and she loved it enough to Instagram it!

If you want to go the extra lightyear, make a Tardis greeting card with our free template!

Geeky Valentine's Day-4Geeky Valentine's Day-7

Whovian makers’ DIYs

Get inspired by these makers’ DIYS and create your own Doctor Who-inspired crafts!

Have a happy Doctor Who Day! Follow us on Instagram @subculturerecall and watch us on YouTube!

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