Easy, DIY Vaporeon Pokemon Ears Tutorial | Detective Pikachu Movie Review

One of my many gripes about the Pokémon Detective Pikachu movie was that there weren’t enough eeveelutions. I was waiting for my Vaporeon to show up but nada. So, over the weekend after watching the newest Nintendo live-action movie, I put together an outfit inspired by my favorite Pokemon — Vaporeon. But first, here’s the review.

Short n’ Sweet, Spoiler-Free Review

Detective Pikachu had a ton of cuteness and lots of laughs. However, the plot was watered down, predictable, and made no sense. Although, I appreciated the nostalgia of seeing my favorite Pokemon as beautifully-designed live-action characters (I squealed every time I saw Squirtle or Bulbasaur), I expected more from this movie. And, while many other critics are calling it the “best video game movie made”, it may be true, but the bar in that department is pretty low. Right, Mortal Kombat?

If you’re an old-school Pokemon fan or your kids are into it, it’s definitely worth a watch. But, don’t expect the movie’s storyline to wow you. The only reason I would watch it in theaters again, would be to score those limited edition Pikachu trading cards.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 Pokeballs. Sorry, Pika-Pika. 

DIY Vaporeon Ears (or Fins)

Before we get into the DIY, I’d like to thank my Instagram friends for helping me decide whether to make a Pikachu or Vaporeon-inspired outfit! Y’all read my mind because Vaporeon is my favorite eeveelution, and he matches my blue hair! If you’d like to see a Pikachu outfit or more eeveelution-inspired outfits in the new future, comment on this blog!


Things You’ll Need

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-1.jpg

  • 12×8 inch dark turquoise felt – $2
  • 9×12 inch yellow foam sheet (glitter foam optional) – $1
  • 1-inch plastic headband – $1
  • Small pieces of cardboard – Free
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Dark yellow colored pencil
  • Scissors
  • Printable template

Reference image:



Cut a 12″ long strip of blue felt with about 1″ width. Start wrapping your headband with the felt and glue until it covers it completely.

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-4.jpg

Print and cutout the fin templates I’ve made for you. Start with the outer fins (side and center), and trace them onto the blue felt. You’ll need 2 of each side, 6 blue felt fin pieces in total. 

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-3.jpg

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-5.jpg

For the inner fins, cut out the rectangle tab and top shape of the fin (highlighted blue) out because it won’t be needing it. You’ll have 2 yellow-foam pieces for the side fins, and 2 pieces for the center fin. 

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-7.jpg

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-9

Hot glue both sides of the fins together, without closing up the rectangle tab (those will be glued on straight onto the headband. I added small pieces of cardboard in between the felt pieces to give it more stability

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-12.jpg

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-13.jpg

Hot glue the side and center fins at the tab ends. I tried them on and place them right on top of my ears, but it’s up to you where you want them.

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-14

Before gluing your inner, yellow fins get a darker yellow colored pencil to make fin indentations on the craft foam. It gives the fin more depth and texture.

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-15.jpg

Voila! You have your cute Vaporeon headpiece ready to go! I can also picture this for a Zubat costume.

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-30

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-31.jpg

Vaporeon used Bubble Beam!

All you need to complete your Vaporeon look are blue accessories, holographic sandals and bubbles. And, to truly get into Vaporeon’s lifestyle, I spent it poolside and blew bubbles.

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall blog-1.jpg

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall blog-3.jpg

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-17.jpg

Even my little niece loved the Vaporeon headpiece! Also, she proved to me that these are sturdy enough for a child’s grip! Look how cute she is! 🙂

Vaporeon Ears Tutorial Subculture Recall-32.jpg

If this inspires you to make your own Vaporeon or Pokemon-inspired look, tag us on Instagram @subculturerecall!

Happy creating!

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