Destroying a DIY pinata with a samurai sword feat. Katelyn McCaigue

A bucket list experience we never thought we needed was destroying a piñata with a samurai sword. A few months ago, we brainstormed collaboration ideas with our friend and YouTube illustrator Katelyn McCaigue, and we came up with turning one of her monster-mash drawings into a life-size piñata! We were excited, but also nervous about making one from scratch.

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Also, because it was for her birthday, we had to make it extraordinary. After a few all-nighters, we completed the cat-cactus-hummingbird-rat monster. The bittersweet moment was smashing and slicing it to pieces.

Check out how Katelyn came up with the inspiration for her illustration:

The amount of detail she put into this illustration was astonishing, but also a challenge when it came to transforming it into piñata form.

Katelyn's monster

It was fun finding out the many ways you can create texture with tissue paper — we can add that to our resumes now.

DIY pinata Katelyn McCaigue Subculture Recall-6

DIY pinata Katelyn McCaigue Subculture Recall-5

The hardest part was destroying it of course. But, someone once said “if you love something, you must set it free” or something like that.

DIY pinata Katelyn McCaigue Subculture Recall-8

Saying our last words to the little creature.

DIY pinata Katelyn McCaigue Subculture Recall-4

A little family portrait before the pinata faces its doom.

DIY pinata Katelyn McCaigue Subculture Recall-11

DIY pinata Katelyn McCaigue Subculture Recall-13.jpg

We tried whacking it with a bat, but it wasn’t working. So, we brought out the samurai sword.

Josh certainly had no regrets annihilating it. Please don’t try this at home.

Katelyn’s Pinata. July 2019-July 2019. RIP.

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