The Most Hilariously Clever Cosplays at Phoenix Fan Fusion

Phoenix Fan Fusion is one of the only places on Earth where you can find a Deadpool-Prince Mashup and a Daddy Shark (do, do, do). This year’s convention was filled with cosplays that made us crack up and amazed us with their cleverness. These are our favorites. Enjoy!

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These guys said “what’s up” to us in true Night at the Roxbury style and we blushed a little.

The gift that keeps on giving …


Our friend Vanessa from Late to the Party killed it (no pun intended) at this Darla from Nemo cosplay!

Can’t wait for the Weird Al-Hamilton soundtrack to drop.

Deadpool Corgi was the best Deadpool at PFF. Prince Deadpool was second best.

Maybe being a drunk Stormtrooper Rick will make him shoot better?

Jinkies! They have a Mystery Machine Airship!

I sensed there would be a Daenerys-Starbucks theme at PFF.

Dany Starbucks Subculture Recall blog.jpg


George RR Martin personally showed up to PFF to share his grievances.

I’ve never seen a Ratatouille cosplay here, so I had to include it because it’s my favorite Pixar movie!

Growing up Latinx. I bet you can’t stop yourself from humming the theme song after seeing this.

“Oh my gosh, a floating shopping list!!!”

Spongebob Subculture Recall blog.jpg

Their Galaxy Quest cosplays were out of this world ๐Ÿ˜€

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Hung out with this baddie from The Incredibles when I dressed up like Frida.

Spiderpunk was my favorite Spiderman at the con! What would moshing and slinging web look like?

Last but not least, we encountered the Ice King at the Disney Fashion Show. He had his motives.

Adventure Time Subculture Recall blog.jpg

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