How to make Disenchantment’s Tiabeanie cosplay

Tiabeanie from Netflix’s Disenchantment is a rebellious, outspoken, and drunken princess (completely relatable minus the royalty part) and probably that’s why I cosplayed her for last year’s Arizona Renaissance Festival

Here’s how to make this easy Princess Tiabeanie cosplay on a pauper’s budget (meaning I spent about $40 on this cosplay).


Tiabeanie Disenchantment Cosplay Subculture Recall-25

Items You’ll Need


Tiabeanie’s Clothes

  • Light blue t-shirt – $5 (varies)
  • Darker eggshell blue tunic (or create your own by sewing it) -$10-15
  • Brown leggings -$10 
  • Brown vinyl (at least half a yard) -$3
  • Brown Belt – $2
  • Black boots – $15


  • White wig
  • Empty wine bottle (she drinks a lot) 

“I’m not a cat!” Luci DIY

Tiabeanie Disenchantment Cosplay Subculture Recall-10

Making Luci is very simple. You’ll need the materials above and the free Luci printable template I’ve provided you.

  1. Cut the template and trace it onto any vinyl fabric of your choosing.  
  2. Measure out how big your belt is in order to make the belt loops. 
  3. Sew them onto the back of the pouch. 
  4. Sew all of the sides together with a blanket stitch. 
  5. Sew or glue on a button
  6. Put it through your belt and voila! 

Phone holder 

Tiabeanie Disenchantment Cosplay Subculture Recall-3

Providing you guys a free template to create this phone holder pouch! If your phone is bigger or smaller scale it down or up when you go to print. 

Happy creating! 

3 thoughts on “How to make Disenchantment’s Tiabeanie cosplay

      • Michelle Louring says:

        I feel exactly the same.
        I do always have some huge project going on, but those take forever when you got a job and other hobbies, so my last two cosplays have been thrown together mostly from what I had in my closet. And yet somehow, they turn out almost as well as the ones I spent a year on!
        (Plus, they are faaar more comfortable…)


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